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Eugene Levy Net Worth: Eugene Levy is a Canadian actor, comedian, producer, and writer, known for his distinctive eyebrows, deadpan delivery, and versatile performances across various comedic genres. Here’s a brief biography of his life and career:

Early Life

Eugene Levy was born on December 17, 1946, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He attended Westdale Secondary School and later enrolled at McMaster University, where he studied film. During his college years, he developed an interest in performing and comedy, which eventually led him to pursue a career in entertainment.

Career Beginnings

Levy’s career began in the 1970s with his work in the Toronto-based comedy sketch show “Second City Television” (SCTV). He quickly became known for his talent in creating memorable characters and his ability to deliver witty, deadpan humor. Levy’s work on SCTV earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase.

Breakthrough Roles

In the 1980s, Levy gained widespread recognition for his role as Noah Levenstein, the overprotective father, in the “American Pie” film series. His portrayal of Jim’s dad became one of his most iconic roles and solidified his status as a comedic actor. Additionally, Levy collaborated with Christopher Guest on several mockumentary films, including “Waiting for Guffman,” “Best in Show,” “A Mighty Wind,” and “For Your Consideration.” These films showcased Levy’s improvisational skills and his knack for creating eccentric characters.

Later Career

Throughout his career, Levy has appeared in numerous films and television shows, demonstrating his versatility as an actor. He starred in the popular Canadian sitcom “Schitt’s Creek,” which he co-created with his son, Dan Levy. The show received widespread acclaim for its writing, performances, and portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters. Levy’s portrayal of Johnny Rose, a wealthy businessman who loses his fortune and relocates to a small town, earned him multiple awards, including Primetime Emmy Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Personal Life

Eugene Levy is married to Deborah Divine, and they have two children together, Dan Levy and Sarah Levy, both of whom are also actors. The Levy family is well-respected in the entertainment industry, known for their talent and contributions to comedy.


Eugene Levy’s career spans several decades and includes a diverse range of comedic roles. He is revered for his impeccable timing, sharp wit, and ability to bring depth to his characters. Levy’s influence on comedy, both in Canada and internationally, is profound, and his work continues to entertain audiences around the world.

Eugene Levy Net Worth

Eugene Levy Summary

Full Name: Eugene Levy CC
Nickname: Eugene Levy
Father: Joseph “Joe” Levy
Mother: Rebecca (née Kudlatz)
Birth date: December 17, 1946
Age: 77 Years
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
College/University: McMaster University
Profession: Actor
Birth Place: Hamilton, Canada
Net Worth: $30 million

Family and Childhood

Eugene Levy was born into a Jewish family in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, on December 17, 1946. He was the only child of Rebecca (née Kudlats) and Joseph Levy. His father, Joseph, was an automotive foreman, and his mother, Rebecca, was a housewife. Levy grew up in a middle-class household in Hamilton.

From an early age, Levy showed an interest in performing and comedy. He attended Westdale Secondary School, where he participated in drama productions and developed his comedic talents. His passion for entertainment continued to grow during his college years at McMaster University, where he studied film.

During his childhood and adolescence, Levy’s family provided a supportive environment for his creative pursuits. They encouraged his interests and nurtured his talents, laying the foundation for his future success in the entertainment industry. Over the years, Levy has spoken fondly of his family and credited them for playing a significant role in shaping his career and character.

Despite being a private person when it comes to his personal life, Levy has occasionally shared anecdotes about his family in interviews, highlighting the love and respect he holds for them. His close bond with his wife, Deborah Divine, and their children, Dan Levy and Sarah Levy, also reflects the importance of family in his life. Overall, Levy’s upbringing and family dynamics have undoubtedly influenced his approach to comedy and his portrayal of familial relationships in his work.

Why We Love Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy is beloved by audiences around the world for several reasons:

Versatility: Levy is a remarkably versatile actor, able to seamlessly transition between comedic and dramatic roles. Whether he’s playing the bumbling father figure in “American Pie,” the eccentric character in Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries, or the patriarch in “Schitt’s Creek,” Levy consistently delivers performances that resonate with audiences.

Authenticity: Despite the absurdity often present in his comedic roles, Levy brings a sense of authenticity to his characters. He infuses them with genuine emotion and humanity, allowing audiences to connect with them on a deeper level.

Humor: Levy possesses an innate comedic talent, characterized by his deadpan delivery, impeccable timing, and knack for physical comedy. His humor is understated yet incredibly effective, eliciting laughs without resorting to over-the-top antics.

Relatability: Many of Levy’s characters are relatable in their quirks, flaws, and idiosyncrasies. Whether he’s portraying a father struggling to connect with his teenage son or a small-town businessman adjusting to a new way of life, audiences see elements of themselves reflected in his performances.

Collaborations: Levy’s collaborations with talented writers, directors, and fellow actors have resulted in some of his most memorable work. His partnership with Christopher Guest on films like “Best in Show” and “A Mighty Wind” showcases his improvisational skills and comedic chemistry with his co-stars.

Depth: While Levy is best known for his comedic roles, he has also demonstrated his dramatic range in projects like “Schitt’s Creek.” His portrayal of Johnny Rose, a man grappling with loss and reinvention, reveals layers of complexity and depth that further endear him to audiences.

Positive Influence: Beyond his on-screen talent, Levy is admired for his professionalism, humility, and kindness. He sets a positive example for aspiring actors and comedians, demonstrating that success can be achieved through hard work, perseverance, and a genuine love for the craft.

Awards and Recognition

Eugene Levy’s talent and contributions to the entertainment industry have been recognized with numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. Here are some of the major awards and recognition he has received:

Primetime Emmy Awards:

  • Eugene Levy won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance as Johnny Rose in “Schitt’s Creek” in 2020.
  • He also won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series as a writer on “SCTV Network” in 1982.

Screen Actors Guild Awards:

  • Levy won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series as part of the cast of “Schitt’s Creek” in 2020 and 2021.

Canadian Screen Awards:

  • Levy has won multiple Canadian Screen Awards for his work in film and television, including awards for acting and writing.
  • He received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Canadian Screen Awards in 2015, honoring his outstanding contributions to Canadian entertainment.

Critics’ Choice Television Awards:

  • Levy and the cast of “Schitt’s Creek” received multiple Critics’ Choice Television Award nominations, with the show winning for Best Comedy Series in 2019 and 2020.

Canadian Comedy Awards:

  • Levy has received numerous Canadian Comedy Awards throughout his career, including awards for writing, acting, and lifetime achievement.

Other Honors:

  • Levy has been honored with a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame, recognizing his contributions to the Canadian entertainment industry.
  • He has also been awarded the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement, one of Canada’s highest honors in the arts.

Questions And Answers

  • Q: What is Eugene Levy best known for?
    A: Eugene Levy is best known for his versatile comedic performances in films such as the “American Pie” series and in television shows like “Schitt’s Creek.”
  • Q: How did Eugene Levy become famous?
    A: Eugene Levy rose to fame through his work on the comedy sketch show “Second City Television” (SCTV) in the 1970s, where he showcased his comedic talents and developed a loyal fanbase.
  • Q: Has Eugene Levy won any awards for his acting?
    A: Yes, Eugene Levy has won several awards for his acting, including a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his role in “Schitt’s Creek.”
  • Q: Did Eugene Levy create “Schitt’s Creek”?
    A: Yes, Eugene Levy co-created “Schitt’s Creek” with his son, Dan Levy. The critically acclaimed show, which aired from 2015 to 2020, garnered widespread praise for its writing, performances, and portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters.
  • Q: What other films has Eugene Levy starred in?
    A: In addition to the “American Pie” series and the films directed by Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy has appeared in movies such as “Splash,” “Father of the Bride,” and “Bringing Down the House.”
  • Q: Is Eugene Levy still acting?
    A: While Eugene Levy’s involvement in new projects may vary, he continues to act and remains active in the entertainment industry.

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