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William Regal Net Worth

William Regal, whose real name is Darren Kenneth Matthews, is a British retired professional wrestler and wrestling personality. Born on May 10, 1968, in Codsall Wood, Staffordshire, England, he began his wrestling career in the late 1980s in his home country. Regal gained early exposure in the United States when he competed for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in the early 1990s.

Regal’s wrestling style was characterized by technical proficiency, mat wrestling skills, and a villainous persona. He was known for his ability to adapt to various roles and his excellent in-ring storytelling. Throughout his career, he held numerous championships, both in singles and tag team competition.

In 2001, Regal joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, later WWE), where he had a significant impact. He was involved in various storylines and feuds, often portraying a cunning and devious character. Regal’s tenure in WWE saw him win several championships, including the prestigious Intercontinental Championship and the Tag Team Championship.

Beyond his in-ring career, Regal served as an authority figure on WWE programming, playing roles such as Commissioner, General Manager, and match coordinator. His on-screen persona was often that of a stern, no-nonsense authority figure who enforced rules and maintained order.

Regal’s contributions to the wrestling industry extend beyond his performances as a wrestler and on-screen personality. He has also worked behind the scenes as a talent scout, trainer, and producer, helping to shape the next generation of wrestlers.

Throughout his career, Regal garnered respect from fans and peers alike for his dedication to his craft, his technical prowess, and his willingness to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling. After retiring from in-ring competition, Regal continued to work for WWE in various capacities, contributing to the company’s ongoing success.

Regal’s biography would undoubtedly delve deeper into his upbringing, his journey into professional wrestling, his experiences in various promotions, his personal struggles and triumphs, and his lasting legacy in the world of sports entertainment.

William Regal Net Worth

William Regal Summary

Full Name: Darren Kenneth Matthews
Nickname: william regal
Birth date: May 10, 1968
Age: 55 Years
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 6 ft 3 in
College/University: N/A
Profession: Wrestling
Birth Place: Codsall, United Kingdom
Net Worth: $28 Million

Wrestling Career

William Regal’s wrestling career spans several decades and includes significant achievements in various promotions. Here’s an overview of his wrestling journey:

Early Career: Regal began training for a wrestling career in his native England under the tutelage of Marty Jones. He made his professional wrestling debut in 1983 at the age of 15. Regal wrestled extensively on the British wrestling circuit, honing his skills and gaining experience.

World Championship Wrestling (WCW): Regal gained international recognition when he signed with WCW in 1992. He competed under the ring name “Lord” Steven Regal, adopting a pompous British aristocrat persona. During his time in WCW, Regal held the WCW World Television Championship multiple times and engaged in memorable feuds with the likes of Sting, Lex Luger, and others.

World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/WWE): In 1998, Regal made his debut in the WWF (later renamed WWE), initially as part of the company’s British invasion angle. He later returned to WCW before ultimately signing with WWE again in 2000.

WWE Career: As William Regal, he became known for his villainous character and technical wrestling prowess. Regal won several championships during his tenure in WWE, including:

  • Intercontinental Championship
  • WWE European Championship
  • WWE Tag Team Championship (with various partners)

Regal was also involved in notable storylines and feuds, including rivalries with Chris Jericho, Triple H, and others. He often portrayed a cunning and manipulative character, using his intelligence to gain advantages over his opponents.

Later Years and Retirement: Regal continued to wrestle sporadically into the late 2000s before transitioning to a role as an authority figure and mentor within WWE. He served as the General Manager of Raw and later as the General Manager of NXT, where he played a pivotal role in the development of young talent.

Behind the Scenes: In addition to his on-screen roles, Regal has worked behind the scenes in WWE as a talent scout, trainer, and producer. He has played a crucial role in identifying and nurturing talent, contributing to the success of WWE’s developmental system.


William Regal has amassed numerous achievements and accolades throughout his illustrious wrestling career. Here are some of his notable accomplishments:

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Championships:

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Regal held the Intercontinental Championship on four occasions, establishing himself as a dominant mid-card competitor.
  • WWE European Championship: Regal captured the European Championship twice during his tenure in WWE.

Tag Team Championships:

  • WWE Tag Team Championship: Regal teamed up with various partners to win the WWE Tag Team Championship on four occasions. His tag team partners included Tajiri and Eugene, among others.

King of the Ring Tournament Winner: In 2008, William Regal won the prestigious King of the Ring tournament, solidifying his status as a respected veteran in WWE.

Royal Rumble Match: Regal participated in several Royal Rumble matches throughout his career, showcasing his endurance and in-ring skills in one of WWE’s most iconic annual events.

Hall of Fame Inductions: While William Regal has not been officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as of my last update, his contributions to the wrestling industry and his influence on generations of wrestlers make him a strong candidate for future induction.

Other Accomplishments:

  • Regal’s technical wrestling prowess and storytelling abilities have earned him praise from fans and peers alike. He is widely regarded as one of the most technically proficient wrestlers of his generation.
  • Beyond championships, Regal’s legacy includes his work as a mentor and trainer for younger talent in WWE’s developmental system. His guidance has helped shape the careers of numerous wrestlers who have gone on to achieve success in WWE and other promotions.

Personal Life

William Regal, born Darren Kenneth Matthews, has led a colorful personal life alongside his wrestling career. While much of his personal life has been kept relatively private, here are some aspects known about him:

Early Life: Regal was born on May 10, 1968, in Codsall Wood, Staffordshire, England. He developed an interest in professional wrestling at a young age and began training in his teenage years, eventually pursuing it as a career.

Struggles with Substance Abuse: Regal has been open about his struggles with substance abuse earlier in his life. He has spoken candidly about his battles with addiction to drugs and alcohol, which affected his personal and professional life.

Recovery and Redemption: Despite his struggles, Regal sought help and embarked on a journey of recovery. He has been sober for many years and has become an advocate for addiction recovery, sharing his story to inspire others facing similar challenges.

Health Issues: Throughout his wrestling career, Regal has faced various health issues, including injuries sustained in the ring. Despite these challenges, he has persevered and continued to make significant contributions to the wrestling industry.

Outside Interests: Outside of wrestling, Regal has shown interest in various hobbies and pursuits. He is known for his love of literature and has occasionally shared book recommendations with fans on social media. Additionally, he has expressed an interest in music and is a fan of bands like The Smiths.

Family and Childhood

William Regal, born Darren Kenneth Matthews, has been relatively private about his family and childhood, but here’s what is known:

Family Background: Regal grew up in Codsall Wood, Staffordshire, England. Details about his family members, including his parents and siblings, are not widely publicized, indicating that he prefers to keep his family life out of the spotlight.

Childhood: Not much is known about Regal’s childhood, other than his early interest in professional wrestling. Like many aspiring wrestlers, he likely idolized wrestling personalities and dreamed of entering the industry from a young age.

Early Influences: Regal has cited British wrestler Marty Jones as one of his early influences and mentors. Jones played a significant role in training and guiding Regal as he embarked on his wrestling journey.

Support: While specific details about his family’s involvement in his wrestling career are scarce, it can be assumed that Regal received support and encouragement from his loved ones as he pursued his passion for wrestling.

Education Qualification

Information about William Regal’s formal education qualifications is not extensively documented. However, it is known that he began training as a professional wrestler at a relatively young age, starting his career in the early 1980s in England. It’s possible that he completed basic education, but specific details about his educational background are not widely available.

Regal’s focus and passion were primarily directed towards his wrestling career from an early age, leading him to pursue training and opportunities within the wrestling industry. His dedication to mastering the craft of wrestling and his eventual success in the field demonstrate his commitment to his chosen profession. While formal education is undoubtedly valuable, Regal’s achievements in wrestling speak to his talent, hard work, and perseverance in the wrestling world.

Why We Love William Regal

There are several reasons why fans love William Regal:

Technical Proficiency: Regal is widely regarded as one of the most technically skilled wrestlers of his generation. His mastery of grappling techniques, submission holds, and mat wrestling maneuvers has earned him the respect of fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Ring Psychology: Regal’s in-ring psychology is exceptional. He understands how to tell a compelling story in the ring, whether he’s portraying a villainous character or a fan favorite. His matches are often filled with drama, suspense, and tension, captivating audiences around the world.

Versatility: Throughout his career, Regal has demonstrated remarkable versatility as a performer. He’s capable of excelling in various roles, from a cunning villain to a wise mentor. Whether he’s delivering a vicious beatdown or engaging in a technical showcase, Regal always delivers a memorable performance.

Character Depth: Regal’s characters are multifaceted and nuanced, showcasing his acting skills and creativity. Whether he’s playing the snobbish aristocrat “Lord” Steven Regal or the no-nonsense authority figure, his character work is consistently captivating.

Resilience and Redemption: Regal’s openness about his struggles with addiction and his journey to recovery have endeared him to fans. His resilience in overcoming personal challenges and his commitment to helping others facing similar struggles have earned him admiration and respect.

Legacy in Wrestling: Regal’s contributions to the wrestling industry extend beyond his in-ring performances. As a trainer, mentor, and backstage producer, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of wrestlers. His influence on the industry is felt far and wide, earning him a lasting legacy.

Awards and Recognition

While William Regal may not have received numerous awards in the traditional sense, he has garnered significant recognition and accolades throughout his wrestling career for his contributions to the industry. Here are some of the notable forms of recognition he has received:

Respect from Peers: Regal is highly respected by his fellow wrestlers and industry professionals for his exceptional talent, technical skill, and dedication to the craft of wrestling. His peers often praise his in-ring abilities and his willingness to help others improve their skills.

Induction into Wrestling Halls of Fame: While not officially confirmed as of my last update, Regal’s impact on the wrestling industry makes him a strong candidate for induction into various wrestling halls of fame in the future. His contributions as a performer, mentor, and trainer have left an indelible mark on the sport.

King of the Ring Winner: Regal won the King of the Ring tournament in 2008, which is a prestigious accolade in WWE. This victory showcased his abilities and solidified his status as a respected veteran in the company.

Legacy as a Mentor: Regal’s influence extends beyond his in-ring accomplishments. He has served as a mentor and trainer for numerous wrestlers, helping to shape their careers and passing on his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of talent.

Longevity in the Industry: Regal’s longevity and sustained success in the wrestling industry are a testament to his talent and dedication. His ability to adapt to different roles and continue contributing to the industry in various capacities has earned him admiration and recognition from fans and colleagues alike.

Questions And Answers

  • Q: What is William Regal’s real name?
    A: William Regal’s real name is Darren Kenneth Matthews.
  • Q: How old is William Regal?
    A: William Regal was born on May 10, 1968, so as of now (assuming it’s 2024), he would be 55 years old.
  • Q: Where is William Regal from?
    A: William Regal is from Codsall Wood, Staffordshire, England.
  • Q: What wrestling promotions has William Regal worked for?
    A: William Regal has worked for several wrestling promotions throughout his career, including World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/WWE).
  • Q: What championships has William Regal won in WWE?
    A: William Regal has won multiple championships in WWE, including the Intercontinental Championship, the European Championship, and the WWE Tag Team Championship.
  • Q: Has William Regal ever served in a non-wrestling role in WWE?
    A: Yes, William Regal has served in various non-wrestling roles in WWE, including as a General Manager and as a trainer in WWE’s developmental system.
  • Q: What is William Regal known for in terms of his wrestling style?
    A: William Regal is known for his technical wrestling prowess, mat wrestling skills, and ability to tell compelling in-ring stories.
  • Q: Has William Regal been inducted into any wrestling hall of fame?
    A: As of my last update, William Regal has not been officially inducted into any wrestling hall of fame, but his contributions to the industry make him a strong candidate for future induction.

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