Biography of Sanju Samson Career, Height and Others

Biography of Sanju Samson: Sanju Viswanath Samson is an Indian cricketer who hails from Kerala, India. He was born on November 11, 1994, in Trivandrum, Kerala. Samson is primarily a right-handed batsman and wicket-keeper who has represented India in various formats of the game. Here’s a brief biography of Sanju Samson:

Early Life

Sanju Samson grew up in Trivandrum, Kerala, where he developed a passion for cricket from a young age. His father, Viswanath Samson, was a police constable, and his mother, Lijy Viswanath, supported his cricketing aspirations. Samson’s talent was evident early on, and he quickly rose through the ranks in Kerala’s cricketing circles.

Domestic Career

Samson made his debut in domestic cricket at a young age, representing Kerala in the Ranji Trophy. He made headlines with his batting prowess and became a key player for his state team. His consistent performances in domestic cricket caught the attention of selectors, and he was soon drafted into various Indian youth teams.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

Sanju Samson’s breakthrough came in the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he was picked up by the Rajasthan Royals franchise in 2013. He made an immediate impact with his aggressive stroke play and excellent wicket-keeping skills. Samson has been a mainstay in the Rajasthan Royals squad, showcasing his talent in one of the most prestigious T20 leagues in the world.

Biography of Sanju Samson

Sanju Samson Summary

Full Name: Sanju Viswanath Samson
Nickname: Sanju Samson
Father: Samson Viswanath
Mother: Lijy Viswanath
Birth date: November 11, 1994
Age: 29 Years
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 1.7 m
Jersey Number: 9
Profession: Cricketer
Birth Place: Pulluvila, India
Net Worth: 10 Million USD

International Career

Samson made his international debut for India in a T20I match against Zimbabwe in July 2015. Although he didn’t immediately establish himself in the national team, he continued to perform consistently in domestic cricket and the IPL, keeping himself in contention for higher honors.

Despite occasional opportunities, Samson’s international career has been characterized by periods of inconsistency. However, his talent and potential have never been in question, and he remains a player to watch out for in Indian cricket.

Personal Life

Sanju Samson is known for his quiet demeanor off the field but displays aggression and flair when he steps onto the cricket field. He has cited former Australian wicket-keeper-batsman Adam Gilchrist as one of his cricketing idols.

Overall, Sanju Samson’s journey in cricket reflects the aspirations and struggles of a talented young cricketer from a non-traditional cricketing region in India. With his skills and determination, he continues to strive for success at both domestic and international levels.

Family and Childhood

Sanju Samson was born into a middle-class family in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, on November 11, 1994. His father, Viswanath Samson, worked as a police constable, and his mother, Lijy Viswanath, supported the family at home. He has a younger brother, Saly Samson, who also plays cricket and has represented Kerala in age-group tournaments.

Growing up, Sanju developed a keen interest in cricket from a very young age. His family recognized his talent and supported his passion for the sport. Despite facing financial constraints, they provided him with the necessary encouragement and resources to pursue his cricketing dreams.

Sanju Samson’s childhood was marked by hours spent playing cricket in the streets and local grounds of Trivandrum. He honed his skills through relentless practice and dedication, often emulating his cricketing idols while playing with friends and local teams.

Despite not belonging to a traditional cricketing hotspot like Mumbai or Delhi, Samson’s talent shone through, and he quickly made a name for himself in Kerala’s cricketing circles. His family’s unwavering support and sacrifices played a significant role in his journey from a budding cricketer in Trivandrum to representing India on the international stage.

Throughout his career, Samson has acknowledged the pivotal role his family played in shaping his cricketing journey. He has often expressed gratitude for their support and guidance, attributing much of his success to their encouragement during the formative years of his career.

Education Qualification

it is known that he attended school in Trivandrum, Kerala, where he balanced his academics with his cricketing pursuits.

Given his early entry into professional cricket and his dedication to the sport from a young age, it’s likely that Samson’s focus shifted more towards cricket as he progressed in his career. Like many young athletes pursuing a career in sports, he might have had to make some compromises in terms of traditional education to prioritize his cricketing aspirations.

While specific details about his educational qualifications may not be readily accessible, Samson’s success as a cricketer highlights his talent, determination, and hard work in pursuing his sporting goals.

Awards and Recognition

Sanju Samson has received several awards and recognitions throughout his cricketing career. Some of the notable ones include:

IPL Emerging Player Award: Samson won the IPL Emerging Player Award in 2013 for his outstanding performances in the Indian Premier League (IPL) while playing for the Rajasthan Royals.

Kerala State Sports Award: He has been honored with the Kerala State Sports Award for his contributions to cricket in the state.

Representing India: Samson’s selection to represent India at various levels, including Under-19 and senior teams, is a significant recognition of his talent and potential as a cricketer.

IPL Records: Samson holds various records in the IPL, including the fastest century by an Indian batsman in the tournament’s history. His consistent performances in the IPL have earned him widespread acclaim and recognition as one of the most talented young cricketers in India.

Player of the Match Awards: Throughout his domestic and IPL career, Samson has received numerous Player of the Match awards for his match-winning performances with both the bat and the gloves.

National and International Recognition: While he hasn’t received any major individual awards at the international level yet, Samson’s talent and potential have been acknowledged by cricketing experts and fans worldwide. His inclusion in Indian squads for various series and tournaments reflects the recognition of his abilities by the national selectors.

Why We Love Sanju Samson

There are several reasons why cricket fans and enthusiasts love Sanju Samson:

Stylish Batting: Sanju Samson is known for his elegant and stylish batting. His fluent stroke play, exquisite timing, and ability to play a wide array of shots make him a delight to watch at the crease.

Aggressive Approach: Samson’s aggressive approach to batting adds excitement to the game. He is not afraid to take on bowlers and is capable of scoring runs quickly, which makes him a valuable asset in limited-overs cricket.

Wicket-keeping Skills: Apart from his batting prowess, Samson is also a skilled wicket-keeper. His agility behind the stumps and safe pair of hands make him a reliable option as a wicket-keeper-batsman.

Consistency: While he has had his ups and downs, Samson has shown signs of consistency in his performances, particularly in the IPL. His ability to score runs consistently and contribute to his team’s success makes him a dependable player.

Humility and Dedication: Despite his talent and success, Sanju Samson remains humble and grounded. He is known for his dedication to the game and his willingness to work hard to improve his skills continuously.

Representing Kerala: As a cricketer from Kerala, Samson has become a source of pride for the state. His success on the cricket field has inspired many young cricketers from Kerala to pursue their dreams.

Potential for Greatness: Cricket fans see immense potential in Sanju Samson. At a relatively young age, he has already achieved significant milestones in his career. Many believe that he has the talent and ability to become one of the leading cricketers for India in the future.

Questions And Answers

  • Q: When was Sanju Samson born?
    A: Sanju Samson was born on November 11, 1994.
  • Q: Where was Sanju Samson born?
    A: Sanju Samson was born in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
  • Q: What is Sanju Samson’s full name?
    A: Sanju Samson’s full name is Sanju Viswanath Samson.
  • Q: Which IPL team does Sanju Samson play for?
    A: Sanju Samson plays for the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League (IPL).
  • Q: What is Sanju Samson’s playing role in cricket?
    A: Sanju Samson is a wicket-keeper-batsman, known for his elegant batting and wicket-keeping skills.
  • Q: When did Sanju Samson make his international debut for India?
    A: Sanju Samson made his international debut for India in a T20I match against Zimbabwe in July 2015.
  • Q: Has Sanju Samson won any awards in cricket?
    A: Yes, Sanju Samson has won several awards in cricket, including the IPL Emerging Player Award in 2013.
  • Q: What is one of Sanju Samson’s notable achievements in the IPL?
    A: One of Sanju Samson’s notable achievements in the IPL is holding the record for the fastest century by an Indian batsman in the tournament’s history.

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