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Early Life and Education

Michael Rubens Bloomberg was born on February 14, 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts, to William Henry Bloomberg and Charlotte Bloomberg. He grew up in Medford, Massachusetts, and attended Medford High School. Bloomberg went on to study at Johns Hopkins University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering in 1964. He then pursued a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School, graduating in 1966.

Business Career

After completing his education, Bloomberg started his career on Wall Street, working at Salomon Brothers investment bank. He rose through the ranks and became a partner, overseeing equity trading and sales. In 1981, when Salomon Brothers was acquired, Bloomberg was let go with a substantial severance package. He used this opportunity to establish his own company, Bloomberg L.P., a financial data and media company. The company initially provided financial information terminals to Wall Street firms but expanded rapidly into a global provider of financial data, news, and analytics. Bloomberg L.P. diversified its offerings to include Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Television, Bloomberg Radio, and Bloomberg Businessweek. Under Bloomberg’s leadership, the company became a major player in the financial information industry.

Michael Bloomberg Biography

Michael Bloomberg Summary

Full Name: Michael Rubens Bloomberg
Nickname: Michael Bloomberg
Father: William Henry Bloomberg
Mother: Charlotte Rubens Bloomberg
Birth date: February 14, 1942
Age: 82 Years
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 1.7 m
College/University: Johns Hopkins University
Profession: Businessman
Birth Place: Brighton, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Net Worth: 96.3 Billion USD

Political Career

In 2001, Michael Bloomberg entered politics, running for Mayor of New York City as a Republican. He won the election and served three consecutive terms from 2002 to 2013. As mayor, Bloomberg implemented various policies aimed at improving public health, education, and the environment. He advocated for measures such as smoking bans in public places, calorie counts on restaurant menus, and environmental initiatives like PlaNYC, which aimed to reduce carbon emissions and improve sustainability in the city. Bloomberg’s tenure also saw significant economic development, including the rezoning of areas like the Hudson Yards and the revitalization of Lower Manhattan after the 9/11 attacks.


Throughout his career, Bloomberg has been a dedicated philanthropist, donating billions of dollars to various causes. His philanthropic efforts focus on areas such as public health, education, the environment, and gun control. Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charitable organization he founded, supports initiatives like tobacco control through the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, environmental conservation through Bloomberg Climate Challenge, and public health through initiatives like the Bloomberg Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Bloomberg’s philanthropy has had a significant impact globally, funding projects and programs that address pressing societal issues.

Presidential Campaigns

Michael Bloomberg has made several attempts to run for President of the United States. In 2008, he considered an independent bid for the presidency but decided against it. In 2020, Bloomberg entered the Democratic primary race but withdrew after a disappointing performance on Super Tuesday. Despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars on his campaign, he endorsed Joe Biden and shifted his focus to supporting Democratic causes and candidates.

Personal Life

Bloomberg has been married twice. He was married to Susan Brown from 1975 to 1993, and they have two daughters together. In 2000, he married Diana Taylor, a former New York State banking superintendent. Bloomberg is known for his private lifestyle and has a passion for flying planes. He owns multiple aircraft and holds a pilot’s license.

Michael Bloomberg’s influence extends beyond business and politics, with his philanthropic efforts shaping initiatives and policies around the world. As a successful entrepreneur, dedicated public servant, and committed philanthropist, Bloomberg’s legacy continues to have a significant impact on various aspects of society.

Family and Childhood

Michael Bloomberg was born into a Jewish family on February 14, 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents were William Henry Bloomberg and Charlotte Bloomberg. He grew up in the suburb of Medford, Massachusetts, with his younger sister, Marjorie Tiven. Bloomberg’s father worked as a bookkeeper for a dairy company, and his mother was a secretary at a local synagogue.

During his childhood, Bloomberg attended Medford High School, where he was a member of the debate team and the National Honor Society. He showed an early interest in business and entrepreneurship, running a successful lawn-mowing business during his teenage years. This entrepreneurial spirit would later shape his career in business and finance.

Bloomberg’s family upbringing emphasized the value of education and hard work. His parents instilled in him the importance of self-reliance and determination, qualities that would serve him well throughout his life. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, Bloomberg’s upbringing provided him with a strong foundation and a sense of resilience that would propel him to success in both his business and political endeavors.

Questions And Answers

  • Q: When and where was Michael Bloomberg born?
    A: Michael Bloomberg was born on February 14, 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Q: What is Michael Bloomberg’s educational background?
    A: Bloomberg earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 1964. He later obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School in 1966.
  • Q: What is Michael Bloomberg known for in the business world?
    A: Michael Bloomberg is best known as the founder and CEO of Bloomberg L.P., a global financial data and media company. He built the company into a leading provider of financial information and news services.
  • Q: How did Michael Bloomberg enter politics?
    A: Bloomberg entered politics by running for Mayor of New York City. He was elected as a Republican in 2001 and served three terms, from 2002 to 2013.
  • Q: What are some of Michael Bloomberg’s major philanthropic initiatives?
    A: Bloomberg is a noted philanthropist who has donated billions of dollars to various causes. His philanthropic efforts include supporting public health initiatives, environmental conservation, education reform, and gun control advocacy.
  • Q: Did Michael Bloomberg run for President of the United States?
    A: Yes, Michael Bloomberg ran for President of the United States in the 2020 Democratic primary race. He spent a significant amount of his own money on his campaign but ultimately withdrew after a poor showing on Super Tuesday.

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